This time we want to introduce you to a new artist and a new tenth nonstandard release of our label!
Introducing you dizzy and emotional EP from the talented Russian artist Walkboy, titled "Solves".
This EP consists of four tracks:
The first track "Solves" striking in its depth, broken rhythms and mesmerizing melody will not leave indifferent lovers electronics.
The second track "Single Tone" recorded using live instruments, guitar, trumpet and percussion, like the orchestral sound in the mix with bass and dense rhythmic drum party.
The third track "Noski" is an experimental and charming work, which keeps the listener in suspense from the beginning to the end, and then explodes.
And finishing fourth track "Parting" is acidic, wade track the brain itself, minor pad, deep bass and percussion knocked complements this miracle.
Walkboy - Solves EP - it's emotion, it is the beauty that must feel the every gourmet.
Stay tuned with Blendwerk!



Catalog# BW010
Release date:
Electronica / Downtempo
Solves (Original Mix)
Single Tone (Original Mix)
Noski (Original Mix)
Parting (Original Mix)