Thirteenth release label Blendwerk!
This time it's a great EP titled "Ophelia" from the wonderful artist Nonus. The structure of this EP includes 3 original tracks and two remixes, one of which is from the label boss Hells Kitchen, and the second remix of interesting artist Philip James de Vries.
All original tracks of this EP are written on analog synthesizers.
Ophelia is the title track. Very charming melody and bass overflow pads make this track is incredibly beautiful.
The next track called "Helena". More electronic sound, downed rhythm and beautiful melody that sounds as great as "Ophelia", they complement each other perfectly.
Last original track is "Vulkan" pure techno that uniquely find a place in any folder DJ. Very explosive rhythm and undulating bass make this track is incredibly clockwork.
Rounding out the EP remixed by Hells Kitchen on track "Ophelia", which sounds as great as the original track, but more progressive.
And another remix by Philip James de Vries which sounds very voluptuously, but still attractive and certainly find its audience.


Hells Kitchen, Philip James de Vries


Catalog# BW013
Release date:
Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Ophelia (Original Mix)
Helena (Original Mix)
Vulkan (Original Mix)
Ophelia (Hells Kitchen Remix)
Ophelia (Philip James De Vries Remix)