Dear friends, we are glad to present you the fourteenth release of our label called "Gwendoline" by artist Clawz SG.
Clawz opened his soul to the listener, as all the track names are taken from his family, his wife and children, two daughters Gwendoline and Ilona, and his wife Laetitia.
This EP includes 3 original tracks and 2 remixes.
The first track EP opens "Gwendoline", he fascinates with its beauty and atmosphere, is a flight of thought which carries the listener away into space.
"Laetitia" is made in the best traditions of progressive techno, crowded thoughts and sound creator.
The third track "Ilona" is a dance techno, massive bass line and melody, drum and percussion section, makes you move to the music.
Next you will find a remix of the label bosses E-Spectro, on track "Gwendoline", sensual and thoughtful work in the sound of melodic inventors.
And completes this magical EP, gorgeous, dance remix from project We Need Cracks.
We hope that this release will delight your hearts and ears!
Stay tuned with Blendwerk! There is a lot to discover!

Clawz SG

E-Spectro, We Need Cracks


Catalog# BW014
Release date:
Gwendoline (Original Mix)
Laetitia (Original Mix)
Ilona (Original Mix)
Gwendoline (E-Spectro Remix)
Ilona (We Need Cracks Remix)