This time we want to present you next , the eighth release Blendwerk from Xzaltacia called "Circovirus".
The release consists of three original tracks : the first "Circovirus" - is the acid - melodic techno, with tearing bass, drive rhythm and crazy lead.
The second track "Memorabilia" - atmospheric epic tells about walks spacecraft millions of stars.
The third original track "Rendezvous On The Moon" - bright and broken rhythms , interspersed with beautiful additions and catchy melodies , created to hit you in the heart.
Completes release a strong remix from Cardiowave on track "Circovirus", made in the best traditions of melodic techno.
Grab your copy and stay tuned with Blendwerk.




Catalog# BW008
Release date:
Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
Circovirus (Original Mix)
Circovirus (Cardiowave Remix)
Memorabilia (Original Mix)
Rendezvous on the Moon (Original Mix)